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open until player cap met

Player Count: 12/50

Apping into Seven Hides is pretty straightforward! If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up at 7hidesmods [at] gmail [dot] com. Please be sure to check the taken list before you submit your app!

Seven Hides has a player cap of 50 at this time. Applications may be submitted at any time, even after the cap has been met, though applications after the cap will be put into the queue and held on a first come, first serve basis. We want to make sure players in the queue are still interested and will contact the player at the top of the queue with a 72 hour response request when a slot becomes available.

Please leave your application as a comment to this page with the title being Character Name | Canon | Reserved/Unreserved.

Player Information

Player name: [Your name.]
Player contact: [AIM, plurk, e-mail, whatever you're comfortable with.]
Timezone: [What timezone do you primarily reside in? This will make coordinating for Rituals easier.]
Are you over 16: [This game involves heavy themes and death. You must be 16 years-old or older to play.]

Character Information

Character Name: [Your character's name.]
Canon: [What canon is your character from?]
Canon Point: [What point in your character's canon are you taking them from?]
Emblem: [You have a choice here. Either the mods can choose an emblem for your character to be aligned with, you can choose one yourself right now -- with an explanation of why you chose that emblem, or you can enter the game un-aligned and choose one as the game goes along. You can remain un-aligned until your first game, but bear in mind your character will not have any memories/powers until they are aligned with an emblem.]

Character history and personality: [This is a combined section and very important. Please show off how well you know your character!]
Powers (if any): [Does your character have any special powers? Keep in mind that no matter how strong your character is in their canon, the Emblems are still more powerful. Game-breaking powers will have to be nerfed.]

Sample: [Please provide a third person sample or 3 links to threads or the tdm to showcase your writing style.]


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