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This will be the permanent AC page. Here you will tally your comments and see how many bonus points you get.

In order to pass activity, you must have 10 points per month (first to last day of the month) no matter when the thread starts or be on hiatus for two weeks of the month. Any points after the first 10 points can be used to buy rewards.

Bonus Point Breakdown

Any comment - 1 point
Post - 5 points
One time per game/ritual bonus - 5 points (these points cannot be used to pass AC)

Activity Check runs between the 1st to the 5th of the month. Results will be posted on the 6th. Failure to post your activity or pass activity will result in a strike. Two consecutive strikes will result in the character's removal from the game.

To submit AC create a top-level comment with your CHARACTER NAME | CANON if this is your first time posting to AC, then reply with your monthly AC with the format provided. You may link to posts in which you have comments if the total comment count for the post is below 500 comments or it is below 1 page of comments otherwise please link to specific threads your character has commented in.


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