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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of game is this?
Seven Hides is a horror themed game about exploration, games and building. Building the world, building the characters, building and rebuilding memories, that sort of thing! A big focus is on the question of what someone is like when faced with awful situations, and how it changes them afterwards. It’s awful, it’s weird, and there’s talking animal demigods and a city to explore.

What’s the world like?
The world around everyone is a massive and mostly abandoned city, with enough snow and blocked exits that there’s no way out, which makes it a good thing that each building is connected by underground tunnels. However inside the city there’s also remnants of countless lives, numerous cultures, and even a few beings from those times.

...Also bears. And wolves. In fact watch out for most of the wildlife.

Is there a minimum age?
Yep! If you’re over 16, you’re good!

What type of characters are best suited for this game? Are there any restrictions on character ages? Character types?
Generally most characters are welcome, but this game is tailor-made for characters with morally dubious personalities, who come from horror game settings, or who you think would be interesting to pick apart bits of their personality. We’re not going to have a hard cap on age, but any character under 16 is going to be handled on a case-by-case basis.

As for characters based on real people, we’re going to go with the guideline of “media representations are fine, but not real people themselves”

What about content warnings?
This is a horror game and will get dark, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be considerate of other players. If you think something is going in a nastier-than-normal direction, please make a note of it in the subject header or description. Some people can’t take threads where children are hurt, some people can’t take gore, be respectful of that and warn as needed.

In the same vein, please communicate with people you’re threading with, learn their boundaries, and just be safe. Also don’t be afraid to come to us if you need to, and don’t feel pressured to continue a thread if you feel uncomfortable. While the game world can be awful, we’re all here to have fun.

Do you allow Oc, Au or Crau characters?
While at the moment we’re going to say no to au’s, we’ll happily take your Oc or Crau character. People who are interested in seeing what happens with an alternate past will have a lot to work with when it comes to false memories.

What are the memory mechanics like?
When a character dies (or sometimes even as a part of a deal with an npc) they lose a memory OR have a false one implanted. These false memories are often the end result of a “what if” scenario, like “what if they never took that road?” or “what if they couldn’t stop themselves from taking revenge?”. These memories can even sit alongside the real ones, making the person wonder just how much of their lives is actually true.

However when a person wins a game they can either gain a memory back, or have a false one taken away. On top of that, depending on who they’re aligned to and what happened in the game, they also unlock a memory for everyone to see about the past of the city. These memories can help give clues to what’s out there, or even help gain leverage over the emblems.

What’s activity like?
Activity is 10 comments a month, with each comment over that giving you a point. Points can be spent on unlocks like new buildings, new npc’s, and even (if you want to annoy the hell out of the current emblems) going towards building new emblems.

In addition each character is required to play in one game every two months, but this doesn’t have to be the monthly mafia/kill game. However if there’s nobody willing to play, the emblems won’t be happy at all...

What is the Ritual?
The ritual is a big, fancy name for a game of mafia/cry wolf/werewolf. However there’s only three roles: wolf, sheep, and shepherd. Each night someone is voted on and killed, and each night the wolves kill a sheep. Each day the shepherd gives out clues, but can’t say directly who the wolves are. The end of the game comes when either all the wolves or sheep have been eliminated.

What’s the schedule for the games?
Non-kill/non-mafia games can be scheduled anytime, and we’ll work around availability for people. For the monthly kill game however, it’ll be started on the last week of the month, and go for a few days. We’ll shift around times for holidays though.

How do I contact the mods? What are the places we can find you?
You can email us at 7hidesmods at, but also you can ping one of us on our discord chat (you’ll get that in your acceptance email), or on the games’ plurk here. Also if you just have more questions, feel free to ask them in the comments too!

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