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open until player cap met

Player Count: 12/50

Apping into Seven Hides is pretty straightforward! If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up at 7hidesmods [at] gmail [dot] com. Please be sure to check the taken list before you submit your app!

Seven Hides has a player cap of 50 at this time. Applications may be submitted at any time, even after the cap has been met, though applications after the cap will be put into the queue and held on a first come, first serve basis. We want to make sure players in the queue are still interested and will contact the player at the top of the queue with a 72 hour response request when a slot becomes available.

Please leave your application as a comment to this page with the title being Character Name | Canon | Reserved/Unreserved.

Player Information

Player name: [Your name.]
Player contact: [AIM, plurk, e-mail, whatever you're comfortable with.]
Timezone: [What timezone do you primarily reside in? This will make coordinating for Rituals easier.]
Are you over 16: [This game involves heavy themes and death. You must be 16 years-old or older to play.]

Character Information

Character Name: [Your character's name.]
Canon: [What canon is your character from?]
Canon Point: [What point in your character's canon are you taking them from?]
Emblem: [You have a choice here. Either the mods can choose an emblem for your character to be aligned with, you can choose one yourself right now -- with an explanation of why you chose that emblem, or you can enter the game un-aligned and choose one as the game goes along. You can remain un-aligned until your first game, but bear in mind your character will not have any memories/powers until they are aligned with an emblem.]

Character history and personality: [This is a combined section and very important. Please show off how well you know your character!]
Powers (if any): [Does your character have any special powers? Keep in mind that no matter how strong your character is in their canon, the Emblems are still more powerful. Game-breaking powers will have to be nerfed.]

Sample: [Please provide a third person sample or 3 links to threads or the tdm to showcase your writing style.]

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Thomas Jefferson | Hamilton (musical) | ...Unreserved?

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Player Information
Player Name: Al
Player Contact: [ profile] crotalus
Timezone: GTM +1
Are you over 16: 10 years over to be precise

Character Information
Character Name: Thomas Jefferson
Canon: Hamilton (musical)
Canon Point: The Room Where It Happens… with memories from murdergame AND Empatheias because I like making my life easy
Emblem: Zmey (fucking Zmey)

Character History and Personality:

The first thing to know about Thomas is that he’s destiny’s most beloved child.

What I mean by that is that Thomas was born with a silver spoon and he has always, always gotten everything he wanted with has shaped his view of the world immensely. It wasn’t just money- though there was that, as well. His father was an educated poor man who happened to marry a rich woman… and from then on Peter Jefferson did his best to ensure his children with a life and education he never had. Thomas, being his oldest, had most of his expectations put on him.

His father died when he was 12, making Thomas inherit the corresponding part his lands and riches at a very young age. He was part of a very big family, both by blood and adopted, but he was always set apart. He was the one who had the family’s expectations on his shoulders.

And honestly? He thrived on it. He still does. Thomas is someone who hates being bored, who hates having nothing to do. He will always look for a challenge, even if he has to complicate his own life to get one. He’s brilliant, has always been brilliant. He’s the kind of person who will learn anything he feels like learning, read any book he can get his hands on and memorize it. He’s knowledgeable on many subjects and as far as he’s concerned he will learn many more if given the chance. But that means it’s kind of hard, for him, to find things challenging.

Which is probably why when something bad actually happens to him, he takes it… badly. He goes on complete mental lock-down, as if his brain refused to process it. One of the most defining moments in his life was his wife’s death. Thomas doesn’t care about many people, the list of people he gives a shit about is very very short and Martha was at the top of that list. And it got taken away from him. He still thinks of it as his fault, because she died during childbirth. Thomas… completely loses his senses wherever Martha is involved. He wants her back and he will do anything for that purpose, barreling over everything and everyone if he has too.

Zmey knew that so he took advantage of it, fucker.

The first murdergame was hard for Thomas because of the hard decisions to make, for the first time in his life he didn’t have a safety net. Any decision he made would be on his shoulders and his alone, which is he… refused to make any. He postponed every choice, letting his murder-mate do all the dirty work until he had no other choice than to act.

And then he acted until he won. Because say what you want about Thomas Jefferson but he knows how to save his own ass, thank you.

One of the other things Thomas truly, honestly cares about is the fate of his country. He loves America (and yes, France too, but even his Francophile ass loves his own country more). At his canon point had just gotten something he wanted. Again. He and his best friend had managed to force Hamilton into a deal. ...Or at least that’s the way he saw it, since the capital was what he wanted out of the deal. Again, Thomas’s short sightedness strikes again because once he decides he wants something in particular he’s like a donkey following a carrot.

Luckily for himself he doesn’t truly care about many things. Sure, he’s interested in a lot! He’s like a little flurry of energy that fills every room he’s in with his curiosity, but he doesn’t honestly, truly give a damn about a lot.

If you’re not one of his friends or at least someone who could be of some use Thomas will completely and utterly ignore you at best, and try to get you out of the way at worse. He’s a “man of the people” in that he knows how to charm, when to smile and when to shUT HIS MOUTH (*cough*) but that’s only a mask. He’s a man who loves humanity as an idea, as a whole, he’s a man who thinks they are capable of wonderful, amazing things… but doesn’t particularly like humans in particular.

There are exceptions, of course. He’s bitter because his ideal of humanity doesn’t fit with the way humans act, but there are people who manage to get over his idealistic cynicism (yes, it’s a thing, Thomas makes it a thing ok) and he actually cares about them. Cares about them deeply. Once someone has earned his respect and admiration, they have it forever.

And he’s loyal, incredibly so. He may disregard ‘people’ with disdain, treat them like pawns in his game, but he will take care of his own with his own life if he has to.

Empatheias was interesting, because it forced him to… reconsider this aspect of himself. He had people he cared for deeply (Madison), but he also had… other people he gave a bit of a damn about. People he disliked, people he fought with on a daily basis, people who hated him… people who shared a house with him and whom he’d miss more than the world when they left.

So, yeah. He was still working out this ‘caring about people’ thing when he got kidnapped again. That will be fun.

Powers: N/A unless being a James Bond villain counts

here have some heartbreak
some more
look at all these feelings
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James Madison | Hamilton: An American Musical | Not reserved

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Player Information
Player Name: Kiki
Player Contact: kikibug13 on plurk and gmail
Timezone: GMT + 2
Are you over 16: Yes.

Character Information
Character Name: James Madison
Canon: Hamilton: An American Musical
Canon Point: The Room Where it Happens + Empatheias
Emblem: Unaligned for now.

Character History and Personality:
He has no fire, no enthusiasm, no animation, but he has infinite prudence and industry. [With] the greatest apparent candor, he calculates upon everything with the greatest nicety and precision. He has unquestionably the most personal influence of any man in the House of Representatives. I never knew a man that better understood how to husband a character and make the most of his talents. And he is the most artificial, studied character on earth. - Zephaniah Smith on James Madison

Born to a relatively wealthy, slave-owning family of Virginia, oldest of twelve children but sickly enough that he was not expected to live to adulthood, James Madison shapes the path of his own life.

Among a number of extraordinary minds who marked - and brought about - the beginning of the United States of America, minds like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and, yes, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison certainly holds his own. He graduates Princeton in two years, by all accounts finishing the destruction of his health (and then stays an additional year to study Hebrew).

Returning home, Madison is at a loss as to what to do with his education and money, until he finds a cause to fight for - a relatively small case to be made for religious freedom in the state of Virginia. With that, he finds his calling - politics, law-making, shaping the lives of people to what he perceives to be right and good. He becomes part of Virginia's legislation and ruling body, and then goes on to the national government when such exists. He is arguably the person with the most direct contribution to the Constitution of the United States, later works to the defense, interpretation, and acceptance of said Constitution, and in the process of the last one, commits to the introduction of certain amendments - which he does write and get, for the majority of them, ratified - which become known as the Bill of Rights. (As per his canon point, roughly, a number of those amendments has been accepted by Congress, but has yet to become valid, pending ratification by the necessary majority of the States.)

Madison is known for his detailed knowledge of any situation, he is usually overprepared for whatever he undertakes; for his ability to reach compromises among various groups of people that have extremely different views; for always being calm and temperate and reasonable; for usually getting what he set out to achieve... and for his political partnership and personal friendship with Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence.

That friendship begins while they are both in the government of Virginia, strengthens during and after the end of the war, and becomes defining to both of them during Jefferson's time in France and after his return. It extends to various aspects of their lives. The share a huge slew of interests, from nature to philosophy to politics. Jefferson is the older man, the one who is better established and whose words are more fiery and inciting; Madison is the younger, but definitely not the lesser between them.

The dynamic between them in the musical is complicated, but in essence mirrors the historical one. Outside of a reference to Madison as writing the Federalist Papers with Hamilton and John Jay, Madison's introduction is in the opening of Act II, where Jefferson returns from France to take up his place in the US Government as Washington's Secretary of State. Before anyone else who is politically important, Jefferson meets Madison, and Madison's opening is insistence that Hamilton is dangerous, and they have to win against him, shaping Jefferson's direction before he has even met Hamilton himself.

This sets the tone for the dynamic. Jefferson is the voice, the part of the partnership that attracts attention, flashy and loud. Madison is in the background, somewhat pulling the strings (with Jefferson's implicit consent), and also the one who does the legwork to back up Jefferson's words. The dynamic is heavily implied to be manipulative on Madison's side, except that the manipulation is not for Madison's personal benefit, but in the interest of the pair of them and the political interests they are defending together.

Perceptive, brilliant, with a very tight hold of his emotions and emotional reactions, very calculated approach to everything, and with attempt to know as much as possible about any situation before committing to a set of actions is what Madison will likely to be seen.

The other side of things is that everything is a misleading term. Everything political may be a better way to phrase it, anything to do with the socially visible side of his actions.

The inside... is a little different.

Anything that Madison achieves is despite the utter nightmare that his health is, and he both works to strengthen himself and keep himself working, and pushes himself to accomplish what he sees as necessary to get done.

His calm and calculated demeanor is, up to a degree, a mask: a mask shaped from natural inclinations - he is rarely prone to emotional outbursts, but rarely is not the same as never - mixed with decisions he has made about his own conduct and an impressive willpower. What of himself does not conform with the goals he has set for himself, he either conceals or reshapes.

The addition to his knowledge and personality from Empatheias consists mostly of expanding his horizon - the very fact that he was placed in a new setting, very alien to him, and had to learn how to make it there, starting at the bottom (a place where he never has been in throughout his life) alone has meant a lot. The people he met there and trials he survived have made him even more likely to observe and collect data first before acting - and to not make up his mind about people based on whether he believed such could exist in the first place. (The politician he most respected there was a pegasus pony unicorn princess, for an example.)

Empatheias also got him to know the man that his old writing partner Alexander Hamilton will grow into. He is forever frustrated with the man's tendency to make horrible choices without particular attention to the consequences. That judgment, however, is not completely devoid of compassion or understanding. Madison's approach to life is far too based on understanding people, especially his opponents, for him to be able to merely dismiss Hamilton.

And... the place pushed him to better awareness of his feelings for Thomas (and the fact that they are reciprocated), with the twist that he is unlikely to push for their explicit expression, out of respect for Thomas's grief and... various preconceptions running too deep for both of them to simply discard. For now.

All in all, James Madison is likely to be rather unimpressive upon meeting him. Quiet, calm, mild-mannered, attentive. But he will gather information and he is, in fact, very, very dangerous. Especially when paired with Jefferson.

Powers: No special powers other than his intellect and willpower.

Threads from TDM
Previous game thread (Because gotta include the butterflies)
Previous game thread part 1 and part 2.
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Philip Hamilton | Hamilton | Unreserved

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Pitch Black | Rise of the Guardians | No Reserve

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Player Information
Player Name: Bix
Player Contact: Plurk: @corbix
Timezone: Arizona
Are you over 16: Yep!

Character Information
Character Name: Pitch Black
Canon: Rise of the Guardians (Comics Background)
Canon Point: After throwing Jack in the hole in Antarctica
Emblem: Mod Choice!

Character History and Personality: A former powerhouse of the dark ages and older than humanity, Pitch (while never really all that kind or "good") was in his own way a guard of humanity since they were crawling in to caves and building fires for the first time. Times, however, have changed. After all in this modern day and age there's no room for monsters under the bed and shadows chasing you through the woods when there are strangers ready to whisk kids off in vans full of booby trapped candy. Pitch is old, angry, and has had a lot of time to plan his attack on the status quo.

Pitch is the Boogyman, he's the very soul of everything people have or will ever be afraid of. He's what's gone bump in the night for the past few hundred thousand years, the shadow following behind you on a moonlit night, the literal monster under the bed and lurking in the closet. He finds delight in twisting dreams in to nightmares or stirring the occasional terror in society with a carefully placed word or two.

This isn't to say he's some mindless monster lurking in the shadows ready to pop out and scare girls and boys. He is vastly intelligent and almost infinitely patient, willing to form and execute plans that take centuries to come to fruition. While his pale, gaunt appearance lends itself to a somber outlook he has a definitive sense of rather twisted dark humor as well as a dry sarcastic wit. He doesn't see himself as something evil, fear after all can keep people alive better than wonder, hope or joy ever could in his opinion. It keeps children close to their parents and away from the monsters that would devour them or the dangers of world they're too young to deal with.

Whereas he was once something of a Guardian himself in the Dark Ages, the recent centuries and rise of the Man in the Moon's chosen have left him bitter and vengeful. He wants nothing more than to return as top dog of the magical influences on humanity and will stop at nothing to do so even if it means eradicating the competition from the face of the earth. Manipulative and conniving, Pitch is more than willing to exploit the fears of others to bend them to his will or convince them to join his side of the game. He doesn't care who he hurts, especially if they're human and he isn't one to really directly apologize for what he does. He is, in his own sideways way, an utterly honest being who does as he says he will and holds others to that.

Pitch's morality is, to a vast degree, something of a blue-orange thing. Whether an action or person is good or evil has no bearing on his opinion, to him survival is what determines worth and it is seen through a lens of fear. He is something of the original teacher of the school of hard knocks; whatever doesn't kill you the first time will probably try again so learn from other's mistakes. His reactions are, at their core, either fighting against something or getting as far from it as possible as a means of survival. He is a firm follower of tit for tat, he doesn't give anything for free and will always give something in return for receiving something. This goes for both favors and insults, whether they're real or simply his perception of them.

This all isn't to say that Pitch isn't without his soft spots and fondnesses for things beyond his job, he has on exceedingly rare occasion taken a liking to the occasional human and spent time walking the world beside them or in conversation when they do at last notice his presence. Writers, dreamers, those who firmly believe that there is something more to the world and it isn't entirely benevolent are those who draw his fancy as well as those who others are afraid of for whatever reason. He enjoys sharing anecdotes of the horrors of history and the natural world, whether people appreciate it or not.

Beneath the ego and showmanship however Pitch has certainly felt the toll of the centuries of being ignored and waved off as just a figment or story. He sympathizes deeply with others over this, as he fears being utterly ignored and eventually fading away completely like so many of the other beings he shared the shadows with as well as those he scared humanity away from.


Being an eldritch being his true form is, in fact, a monstrous shadow being though it is something he rarely uses. Those with the ability to see/sense such things would most likely notice it.

His other powers include:

Shadow Manipulation: As a being made up of them shadows, Pitch has the ability to control and use shadows to his advantage this includes:

  • altering his appearance (clothing shape, his true form)
  • melding in to them (becoming a shadow/multiple shadows on a wall/floor/ceiling)
  • traveling between them
  • altering depth and shape of shadows

The best example of the way he uses this power in the movie is here (Spoiler warning)

Fear: Fear is Pitch's center, and what he thrives off of, as such he has dominion over it:

  • Intuitive knowledge of the fears of those around him, a sixth sense of sorts it is as he explains "The one thing he always knows"
  • Pitch has an ambient aura of an unsettling and foreboding nature about him
  • drawing out/manipulating fear both in individuals and in groups, causing riots and panics in large groups

Nightmaresand: Pitch's power over fear added to the dreamsand of Sandy (the Sandman) has given Pitch the ability to control literal nightmares.
Black iridescent sand that can change shape as Pitch wills it, it is capable of doing a number of simple tasks outside of being bad dreams:
  • Animal shape: mostly found as horses because Pitch has a terrible sense of humor they vary in size from Friesians to housecats and can act as scouts, soldiers and messengers for him. They are semi-intelligent and are attracted like sharks to fear and will attack if the opportunity arises. Pitch does have a "personal" Nightmare by the name of Onyx (named in the script) who he uses as a steed and effective lieutenant.
    • Other forms include: wolves, spiders, bats, sharks, etc. They are however used rarely.

  • Weapons: Pitch can use the nightmaresand to form weapons, including a scythe and arrow.
  • MSC: Pitch uses nightmaresand to illustrate his speech, create platforms or seating, etc.

Nightmaresand does not always manifest, and is more or less pulled in and out of visible existence at will.


Pitch had never needed things like warmth and food the way other beings and mortals had, he’d never been human to begin with and it left him with much more time to go poking around the city. He flitted from shadow to shadow, feet barely making a noise when they landed on the surfaces he walked on.

It was interesting, beautiful really. He’d always had a fondness for ruins after all; places people were scare to do, places the daring thrill seekers went, places where forgotten ghosts clung to what was left behind, where the veils between the mundane and supernatural wore thinner than others.

He can feel the little blips of burbling fears that mark the existence of living things in the area, sparks that act as waypoints in his flitting between shadows. Most of them lack the depth and nuance of humans though, animals and creatures of simpler natures. There are people though, clustered in a building mostly though some do drift off and explore.

Pitch lurks around them when he’s bored of exploring himself, often making a nuisance of himself just to get them to jump. Dropping rocks, making creaking footsteps on rotting floorboards where appropriate, slamming doors and sending skittering Nightmares to make noise elsewhere.

Eventually though, he’ll sneak up behind someone and and announce himself in the grand tradition of every spooky bastard out there.

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Credence Barebone | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them | Unreserved

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Player Information
Player Name: Vin
Player Contact: [ profile] LadyVincira
Timezone: PST
Are you over 16: Yep!

Character Information
Character Name: Credence Barebone
Canon: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Canon Point: End of Film
Emblem: Mods, I'm going to let you choose! I like surprises.

Character History and Personality:

Credence doesn't remember his parents. He was adopted under mysterious circumstances at a young age, taken in by a woman by the name of Mary Lou Barebone. While he felt lucky to have a home at all, his childhood quickly became a tool more than anything else. Mary Lou spearheaded an organization that she called the New Salem Preservation Society, and her doctrine was very simple - "We need a second Salem." The boy grew up being fed and dressed in secondhand clothes, then tasked with hitting the streets of New York to spread his 'Ma's' mission. As time went on, Mary Lou adopted more children, eventually shifting to opening a "sanctuary" where hungry orphans could come to eat in return for passing out fliers for the NWPS.

It was also apparent as time went on, however, that Credence was treated differently than the rest. He always thought it was because he was the eldest of Mary Lou's adoptive children and the only son she took for her own family, and took the harsh treatment as an unfortunate given. Of course she had to be hard on him. He had to set an example. When she was angry, he was her punching bag, handing over his belt and slinking to his room without a second thought. Mary Lou saw to it that Credence was continually defeated before he began, doing her bidding as a dutiful son. He felt like something was wrong with him, wrong with his life, but it was implaceable - he chalked it up to his own weirdness, something about him that simply made him unloveable.

His first contact with the magical world happened when an Auror by the name of Porpentina found Mary Lou beating him - Tina took issue with Credence's plight and went after the hateful woman in public. She was reprimanded by her superiors, and everyone on the scene - Credence included - had their memories erased.

The second brush with magic that Credence had was when he was approached by another Auror by the name of Gideon Graves. He was told that he was special, and that he had a key part to play in finding someone very important. There was a child, he was told, that was in danger; someone with a condition who might die if they were not found and saved. This person, it was known, was somewhere in the company of Mary Lou...and the offer was that if Credence could act as the extra set of eyes, if he could find the child, that Graves would introduce him to the Wizarding world.

It was something akin to hope, and Graves was as close to a friend as Credence could remember having. He became so focused on trying to find this powerful, dangerous child that he ignored his own discomfort. He found himself losing time, feeling sick...but maybe it was just his guilt. Graves kept leading him on, encouraging him, and he kept living his strange double life.

Until the night that Mary Lou was killed by the Obscurial - the creature that he was supposed to find for Graves. Beginning to realize the truth, he called for the man he thought was his friend, crying and begging for help. Graves struck him, tossing him aside as worthless while assuming that Credence's adoptive sister Modesty was who he had been looking for. It was at this moment that the dam broke, and Credence erupted in a fit of rage and magic - magic that Mary Lou had tried to beat out of him and that his so-called 'friend' had overlooked him for.

He went on a rampage, destroying a great many buildings and streets. Graves tried to backpedal and talk him down for his own means - and Porpentina, the Auror who had once tried to save him, tried to soothe his rage. Before Credence even had a chance to decide, he was attacked by a small army of Aurors, and was subsequently torn to shreds by their wands.

A small fragment of Credence was able to flee the scene...and currently, he is at large. At least, he was, until he woke up somewhere...unfamiliar.

Due to the circumstances of his raising, Credence is too often misread as simple, or even stupid. This is far from true, though being homeschooled by Mary Lou hasn't helped his seeming like he crawled out from under a rock. He is very good at basic life skills, things like cooking and mending and handwriting - but don't ask him to work anything more electronic than a lamp or a printing press. Even if he weren't from the 1920s, Mary Lou probably would have viewed anything with a chip in it as witchcraft.

His nature has been molded into something subservient, desperate for affection and kindness. A lifetime of being barely seen and never heard has left him as a very timid creature - and his newly minted status as a "monster" has left him absolutely terrified about what might happen to him. The recent memories of betrayal, killing, and being ripped apart in a flash of light aren't going to leave him any time soon. Sleep will not come easily to Credence.

He's quick to cry, and - despite now knowing how powerful he is - still given to recoiling at the first sign of aggression. He would love to make friends, but he doesn't know how...and he might have some difficulty trusting others after what happened with Graves.

It's doubtful that the Ritual is going to sit well with him, but when it comes down to it, playing along is second nature. He doesn't WANT to hurt anyone, but if backed into a corner, he may well lose control of the beast inside of him.

Powers: Credence is an example of what happens when someone with magic is kept from it for too long - an EXTREME example. Living within him is a magical parasite called an Obscurus. Most who are kept from magic are killed by the Obscurus by the age of ten...but the power that Credence holds is so great that he has managed to survive to young adulthood without the beast inside completely tearing him apart.

As the Obscurus, Credence becomes a gigantic roiling mass of black energy, capable of knocking down buildings and draining the life from people, leaving horrific, spidery scars across the surface of their skin. In this state, he can pick things up, knock things over, fly, and tunnel - basically, think powerful psychic cloud.

Unfortunately for Credence, controlling the power completely is not currently within his grasp. As Credence, he can do little but turn it on and off. He can also try to keep the power contained through force of will, as well as try to guide it...but that's like trying to steer a raging bull. With a great deal of energy and focus, he could take the cloud form to travel around, but he is NOT impervious to blasts or magic in this state.

The Obscurus, it should be noted, has only killed people who have harmed Credence in some way. It will not try to murder anything in its path unless the party in question has personally slighted him.

(For the purposes of the game, I understand his powers will likely need to be nerfed - I leave this at the mods' discretion, but can certainly take out or dial back the insta-kill factor. Perhaps a smaller drain of energy instead? Permissions post will be a thing.)


Test Drive Thread

Scarred palms pressed down against the cold concrete, fingers trembling, knuckles white. He looked down upon them from his position on his knees, trying to find something soothing about the plainness, the blankness of the surface. He could see his marred skin, stains under his fingers, spidery cracks in the crumbling floor...even the wet spots where his tears had landed, leaving perfect little circles of dark gray. Focusing on what he could see helped, just a little. It took some of the edge off of the way that his insides twisted; the way that he shook and shuddered as he exhaled black smoke.

"Not now, please," he sobbed, voice strained and small. "Please. Not now." He blinked. Dark eyes went white, then dark again. He searched for a touchstone to hold him steady, lifting his head to scan the abandoned room around him. There was nothing, nothing but dusty furniture and decrepit, crumbling walls. No one but him.

The solitude was at once upsetting and soothing.

Pulling himself first back into a kneel, then onto his feet, Credence balled his fists. He needed to be strong - he needed to keep moving, before someone hunted him down. If someone hunted him down, he would have to hurt them.

And he certainly didn't want to hurt anyone more than he already had.
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Komaeda Nagito | Danganronpa

[personal profile] despairing_hope 2017-02-02 07:47 am (UTC)(link)
Player Information
Player Name: Nica
Player Contact: [ profile] kuraikun
Timezone: PST
Are you over 16: Y

Character Information
Character Name: Komaeda Nagito
Canon: Danganronpa
Canon Point: End of Chapter 5 of Danganronpa 2
Emblem: Alkonost

Character History and Personality:
When it comes to first impressions Nagito comes across as polite, soft spoken, easy going and a bit self-deprecating (an understatement). A happy go lucky sort of guy who just accepts things as they come and goes with the flow. A person who is more likely to help out others first before thinking about himself. Not that this isn't an accurate impression of him, but it's far from the whole picture. Most of his motivation in helping others comes from seeing himself as worthless and those of Hope Academy being idolized. As the students of Hope's Peak embody Hope itself and Hope is a thing that Nagito loves deeply to the point of obsession. He doesn't see himself as being a part of them since he is only a lucky student. Thus he places himself to the side in order to help them achieve more, to help them achieve Hope. It's not until the killing game starts that we see the other side of Nagito, and if the killing game had never happened we probably never would have. (Though we would have still seen his extreme tendencies and just how much his luck talent has affected him. )

However sometimes (most the time) his method of help isn’t exactly helpful. He will go to extremes and his luck will make sure it is successful, even if he himself is unable to do it. This is shown in his attempt to murder someone where he fails, but someone was murdered anyway, as well as in his school life where he wanted to cancel an exam and due to a series of events it didn’t go as he planned but it does get canceled because of him. Because of this inevitable outcome of getting what he desires one way or another he makes a lot of important choices based on luck alone. Bump into someone and drop all your papers? He’ll pick them up without even checking assuming luck will sort it out as it should be. That isn’t to say he can’t make careful decisions and think about steps to a properly made plan, it just means that if something doesn’t go according to that plan he’ll just go with it without a second thought.

Nagito is incredibly unstable mentally, and can easily go to extremes in the name of his obsession (or just to get the outcome he desires). It is revealed he has stage 3 malignant lymphoma and frontotemporal lobe dementia so a lot of the unstableness is most likely due to that. (Which causes a lot of different behavioral issues including lack of impulse control, loss of social awareness, and the list goes on, which would explain why he's one of the first to be eager to start the killing game.) This explains a lot of his actions which seem a bit at odds with his basic nature. He basically has no method to rationalize has actions and simply acts on the first impulse. And though his intentions are always for something good and positive his methods can vary drastically from that. He is definitely an ends justify the means character. Unfortunately (or fortunately) he is very intelligent and incredibly lucky so the plans he acts on succeed and he can plan rather intricately.

When the killing game starts Nagito is the first to try and kill someone, though he fails at this, his goal is to bring despair so a greater hope can come later. This is his main philosophy and the philosophy that he lives by and has come to accept. The reason he believes this, is to bring reason to his life and give logic to his luck. His luck skill is a major influence on his personality, and is a major cause of his beliefs. If he doesn't believe great despair will bring great hope it means that the despair he has had to face were all meaningless. So he turns to hope to make the misfortunes in his life make more sense. Though his blind faith in hope has made him a little numb to despair and his complete lack of self worth (along with the fact he is terminally ill and has only been given a few years to live) has him offering himself as the next murder victim as well as a food source for cannibalism when the class is locked in a fun house and forced to starve until they murder each other.

Even after his intentions are revealed and he loses all trust his fellow classmates had in him, he still idolizes them. He still sees them as representatives of hope. Though the one he ends up being closest to is Hajime, and Hajime is the one he has the most faith in being amazing, since Hajime's skill is unknown. It isn't until the end of Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 that his attitude towards the other students changes. He becomes rude and condescending to Hajime, as well as half the other remaining students. Souda and Akane especially since he finds their stupidity aggravating. This change in him is due to finding their student profiles and information about their situation. He learned that they were all Remnants of Despair and that Hajime was really a reserve student. Having those who represent Hope fall into despair was unforgivable, and having Hajime who was just a normal student was like a stab in the back. Hajime may have been the harder blow as Nagito felt close to him and similar since they both "admired hope". Hajime also seemed to be one of the smarter students and reasonable, so in this way Nagito lost the person who he could identify with. In fact after Nagito finds out the truth he goes to Hajime first thing to tell of his findings, but the moment Hajime starts repeating himself and Chiaki says they can ignore Nagito he becomes instantly rude, condescending and pushy. As if Nagito had been trying to give Hajime one last chance before writing him off with the rest. He may have been hoping Hajime was the traitor, but the exchange confirmed that he wasn’t. For the rest of chapter 4 Nagito continues to display conflicting emotions and says confusing statements. It’s clear he’s very bothered by the revelations.

In his Free Time events Nagito tells Hajime that he doesn't want to die alone, that he has always wanted someone to love him. Though he passes it off as a joke, it's quite true. Nagito has spent most of his time alone and is used to losing people that he cares about. He lost his family dog to a car when he was in grade school, and then a little while later he lost his parents. He's so used to losing people because of his bad luck to good luck that he pushes people away from him. This is why every time he gets a little closer to Hajime he will say something to distance them again. It's also why he wasn't attending class during his school days and even when he does attend class he is never near any of the other students. In fact, he had such little connection to them that when he is suspended they don’t even miss him. His good luck bad luck cycle is also responsible for his severe lack of self worth, and is what allows him to be so willing to sacrifice himself for a better good.

However the things he says to Hajime are not necessarily him trying to always purposefully be confusing. (Not counting the things he says in trials which are definitely purposefully confusing.) He does try hard to get people to understand what he feels, his ideas of hope and why his methodology is right, though no one can understand it. Which of course they can't because his ideals are extreme and lack in a basic understanding or societal right and wrong. He's used to not being understood though so he generally shrugs it off as it being a given. And in the case of his more idiotic classmates he excuses it as them “not being on the same wavelength” because he's trash and they're talented. This changes after he finds out the truth though. Hajime does attempt to understand him and those efforts are appreciated by Nagito as no one has ever tried to do that before, and that simple action meant he had the possibility of not being alone anymore. Though as said before he does push Hajime away during his free time events.

Sadly returning back to the events of Chapter 4 and 5, the reveal of the truth that they are all remnants of despair shatters everything that was built up for Nagito. Instead of standing to the side wanting to be a stepping stone for their hope he takes matters into his own hands. (Which is always always a bad thing.) He decides they all need to die and only the traitor allowed to live. His love of Hope won't forgive those who fell into despair and spread it, even himself. And his complete trust in his luck enables him to follow a plan where that was a key point.

All before his suicide/murder (Actually almost immediately after he read the information in the profiles and future foundation notebook) he is rude, condescending and rather impatient with everyone. He’s frustrated and in a hurry. He wants the traitor revealed, and he wants them revealed as soon as possible. Of course the rest of the class thinks this is because he suddenly wants to do something to the traitor, but it’s all about making sure he can protect them and kill everyone else. No one else mattered, not even himself. His fellow classmates were beneath him and not even worth looking up to anymore. It’s very possible that these feelings were even growing in him beforehand since he is one of the more intelligent characters in the game. Earlier he was probably using a lot of patience and excusing it by “they have talent”. But once he knew they had fallen into despair their talent didn’t matter. They were just inhuman garbage to him by that point and there was no holding back.

However, even though he felt above everyone else who had fallen into despair, that didn’t mean he thought any better about himself. In his mind the Traitor was the only good person left in their group, and this is why he tried so hard to save the Traitor with an impossible to solve murder. And surely this action would make him not just some stepping stone to hope, but Hope itself born! The Hope that kills despair, even if it includes himself. This is why he requests a statue made and to be praised as the Ultimate Hope.

After his death Nagito leaves one message, and that is a message to the traitor on the password to theoretically get out. He also mentioned regretting giving Hajime as hard a time as he did, which implies that he was probably extra mean to him due to the raw anger he felt from finding out the truth, and potentially, given enough time, might have have not been as angry and calmed down a little.

In the end Nagito is a person of deep extremes, caught between despair and hope desperately reaching towards a bright future while fighting a woeful past that is never quite far enough to forget or move on from. He will do anything to see the future he desires, and his luck generally enables it even when he can’t act on it.

Nagito claims his only skill is being lucky; however he is actually rather intelligent. He's shown to be good with technology, specifically computers and machines. He may also be good and making bombs, or at least finding and following instructions about them. He's also good with puzzles and solving mysteries. He reads a lot and is very observant of things around him. He's very good at obscurification, manipulation, and thinking four steps ahead of everyone else. He's also really good at cleaning and other domestic activities. Though, apparently he isn't good at cooking.

But, we should really talk about his luck. His luck isn't just normal, it's completely out there. It's so high that almost anything in his favor will happen. Play Russian roulette with 6 bullets? He'll win. However his luck has a huge cost, it comes with incredible bad luck right before. The best example is the events he speaks of in the game. A plane he was on was hijacked, bad luck. The hijacker died to a meteor hitting the plane, good luck. His parents also died bad luck. He inherited a fortune and became independent, good luck. He was kidnapped by a serial killer, bad luck. He found a winning lottery ticket when the killer was arrested, good luck.. Generally his luck brings misfortune to those around him as well. Of course this isn't a thing he has control over, this is just a thing that tends to happen to him.

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Tyrael was the Archangel of Justice and all that represents. Initially, he had strictly adhered to rules and laws, but laws are not always just, as he came to learn. There was a time when the Angiris Council voted to destroy all humanity and he voted against it. While humans have the powers of good and evil in them, they cannot all be a threat. It wouldn’t be just to kill them all.

By the views of Heaven, he’s a maverick. If it’s the just thing to do, he’ll go against Heaven’s laws. He won’t allow their laws to bind him to inaction. Their highest law is to not interfere in mortal affairs. Tyrael ignores that time and again because it is the just choice.

As the angel, he was almost always calm and controlled. While he could be provoked to anger, even that was normally controlled. Even when Imperius was accusing Tyrael of transgressions against Heaven, he was controlled. Imperius, quick to violence and aggression, attacked him. After Tyrael had taken his weapon, he did not attack Imperius, who had backed down for the moment.

As a mortal, he still tends to be calm, but he’s learned what fear is and has felt it; he no longer has that preternatural calm. He has been crippled by terror, by despair, and been in fear of his own, new mortality. These were the first of many things about being mortal that would strike him in ways he never expected.

With his recent mortality has come a new sense of wonder for him. He still doesn’t understand how humans can keep going on in the face of all the horrors against them. He had never understood what it was to face death and evil on a mortal’s level and is amazed by the resilience of mortals. This new sense of wonder has given him something of a child-like side when it comes to new things. When he realized that humans have to eat multiple times a day to keep their strength up, he felt it was logical to simply eat until he could eat no more and get all of that out of the way. While he learned that it didn’t work - and was quite uncomfortable - he was still puzzled about why it didn’t work.

Tyrael tends toward impartiality; it is part of him to be fair. When the witch Adria joins them, he isn’t fooled into believing that she means them no harm. He may not be able to see what she’s planning, but he knows the plan is there. He knows there is no alternative to her plan, at least not one they could enact before the Great Evils overwhelmed Sanctuary.

Tyrael is the dual Aspect of Justice and Wisdom. His Wisdom has come from being mortal, but Justice is what he is.